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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Sometimes, Life can put you in the wrong place at the wrong time, You feel so desperate to leave, escape and run far far away but you have so many commitments that may hold you back. Responsibilities towards people other than yourself, most importantly Family, some other obligations may include a loan, a house contract or even a phone plan… I believe that we are escaping our homeland at first place looking for a better life and that can be provided by having more money, a more rewarding job opportunity, a better lifestyle and above all “FREEDOM”.

We may blame life for our own decisions like I just did in my introduction but I take that back and I would rather take full responsibility for my poor choices and putting myself in the wrong place, with the wrong people and at the wrong time. I may try to convince myself that it was for the right reasons or maybe I was left with no options but in fact, I had more than one option and I have chosen to select the worst and it all goes down to the fact that I can’t say NO…

If I only said NO when I had to and felt like it I wouldn’t be where I am now, dealing with insomnia, sadness, loneliness, guilt and much more till the point that I can’t see much light anymore. It became dark deep down in my soul, I am full of pain and rage and unable to express them in anyway possible, they just keep turning to dark spots patching the cracked wall and the only difference this time is that I don’t need for those cracks to be repaired because they are the only way a light can enter my soul, I am dwelling in darkness and those who keep offering help are the ones who caused it. At some point I doubted myself, I thought that what they are saying was right, may be their way is the right way and I just did not understand it yet, I saw the red flags and said to myself that I could be paranoid, I felt something was not right and again thought that I tend to complicate things. At some point I lost faith in ME and believed the lies and allowed them to manipulate me and let me make a confession here, it only happened because I allowed it, I saw it coming and played along anyway and that makes me my own victim and if I have to be prosecuted in my own court of law, I may get death sentence but as my lawyer is my own ego, I always get away with it.

I am out of options on how to fix my own mess, a chaotic situation I put myself in with the help of others and now I can’t find a way out…

Have you ever felt trapped? If the answer is yes then welcome to the club of trapped souls, a club in which subscription are not free. It is really expensive in here, it takes a lot of sleepless nights, anxiety, panic attacks and much more...

Have you ever hated life so much that even having a simple meal became a challenge...Have you ever forced yourself out of bed with your eyes full of tears...

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Very relatable


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Hello All,

Well firstly thank you for inviting me to Escape to let me escape from the trapped world.

Well quite an interesting write up or I would say an experience you have had while still being so young.

In my view coping with the challenges of life is never easy, but it's a necessary part of the human experience and growth as over all.

One must Stay Positive that’s to Focus on the good things in your life and try to maintain a positive attitude. Even when things seem tough, try to stay optimistic and keep a sense of humor.

Build a Support System: Having a supportive network of friends and family members can help you navigate the challenges…


I feel the same !

As you said, it was us that didn’t say “No“ when we had to !

That “No” was said to ourselves first

=> in Our mind the command was

“Do Not Say, NO”

At least, knowing where we made the mistake ! Is a beginning !

But feeling trapped shouldn‘t be a long term option.

Some Baby cries in a store when is told no, but after a while will forget and get amused by other things that interests her/him in this world !

It is good that you see you’re trapped and not trying to down the pain with drugs ( alcohol, painkillers, legal, illegal stuff, too much sugar, such…


Great writing! I feel you Girl!

Keep pushing... keep sharing! it might not help on the short term but I am sure it will lead you to amazing places & people 💜🤍💜

Farida Reguig
Farida Reguig
10 oct. 2022
En réponse à

You are one of the most beautiful souls, I’ve ever met, thank you for the support ❤️


Mohammed Khalifa
Mohammed Khalifa
08 oct. 2022

Most of the time life is a struggle of commitments.Succesful person has to keep going,pray and believe that Allah doesn't burden a soul beyond what it bears.Furthermore, everything happens for a reason not by coincidence , you do your part and just let it go.

Best of luck🙂

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